Taking a Look at the Vook eBook

Get Naked FastOne of the big questions about the current portable ereading revolution is how all these new devices, distribution systems, and opportunities for eReading will affect the content we read.  How will non-verbal images (static and moving), audio clips, spur of the moment social networking opportunities, and other things be woven into the eReading experience?

The Vook is an interesting initial foray into these uncharted waters.  It’s been around for almost two years, but is still struggling to get some attention.  Tomorrow’s article by Virginia Heffernan in the NY Times Sunday Magazine should help.


The Vook is a digital experience (almost an app, I suppose), not a portable device.  It is software that delivers content in a specific way, not hardware.  Of course, you’ll need some sort of hardware device to read and experience your Vook eBooks. 

Many rousing titles already have been Vookified, such as:

  • Get Naked Fast! (about trimming down your diet and reducing the toxicity in your body)
  • Louder than Words (which, according to Heffernan, analyzes the body language of people like Sarah Palin and Vladimir Putin.  Now, I’d pay good money to read/view a Vook about the body language of Palin and Putin together dancing with the stars.)
  • Cocktails (I prefer mine stirred, not shaken.  If gustatory reading ever becomes a reality, this would be a good title for that format.)

Heffernan speculates that the happy path that the Vook starts us down eventually will lead to superbooks – books that have so much functionality beyond “mere” reading, including 3D experiences, that they take books and reading to some new level (higher or lower, you decide). 

Vook books are available for purchase and download at vook.com, the Apple App Store, and the Amazon Kindle Store.  Vook Books can be experienced on your main computer or on an iPad or an iPhone.  Heffernan notes that Android versions should be available soon.  The Nook basically is an Android tablet, so someday soon we should be able to read a Vook book on a Nook.  What hath Ted Geisel wrought? 


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